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I'm a personal trainer & yoga teacher with a passion to inspire and motivate people to help them find their balance through fitness and wellness 

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My Story

From mechanical engineer, martial arts to yoga and fitness trainer in London, I'm forever loving the journey. I've used my experience as a health and fitness professional to create a method of training which balances strength, mobility and yoga.

Health + Fitness

Throughout my journey in health and fitness, I've been encouraging people to enjoy and have fun in the process of achieving their health and wellness goals.  Helping people to embrace and love where they're at, but have the motivation and drive to achieve their goals.


Listed by Women's Health as one of London's top female 13 Personal Trainers to follow and previously coaching as one of the UK's Nike Trainers for 4 years, I specialise in functional training, strength and conditioning. My approach as a trainer encapsulates strength and endurance balanced with the mobility and body awareness that yoga brings. I've used my experience to host and present events in London, Dubai and Guadeloupe, such as Balance Festival London.   



3 years in Shanghai, China was nothing less than incredible. Even getting the chance to star in the reality game show The Amazing Race: China Rush.  The experience developed a grit and determination in me to keep going even when it seems impossible.


Having my daughter has completely changed how I see health and wellbeing.  The ever-changing and unfolding journey through mamahood has given me a new perspective of life, values and a whole new appreciation of how incredible the female body is!  As a qualified antenatal and postnatal trainer, I've recognised the importance of being educated and skilled to train effectively during and after pregnancy.  I've learnt and continue to learn how to keep developing and building workouts and sequences to help maintain that physical, mental and emotional balance.

The Blog

After about 7 years procrastinating I started this blog just as a diary of my day to day thoughts, ideas and useful things I wanted to share a trainer and yoga teacher.  I wanted to keep it simple and see where it goes, building a wonderful community in the process.


 No woman is an island, community is everything!  Keep connect, get in touch, comment, and get on the subscription list!


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