Lockdown - Just Go With It

It’s been 27 days since Boris Johnson announced that London will be on lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With a further 3 weeks at least to go!

The coronavirus (Covid-19) reportedly first emerging from Wuhan, China earlier in the year has spread across the globe affecting nearly every country in the world. Europe currently being the hardest hit as the virus epicentre with fears that the UK may turn out to be one of the most devastated countries amongst them.

Most European countries are on lockdown, but what does that mean? In the UK it means leaving the house only for medication, one form of exercise, essential shopping or work, if you’re a key worker. In this current grimy status of doom and gloom, how do you see the light at the other end?

The streets are quiet and peaceful, the birds seem to be chirping more loudly and everything has slowed down and has been simplified. I dare say, amongst all of this destruction, it does feel like a healing process has began.

Lockdown, what lockdown?

To be honest, it hasn’t been too much of an adjustment staying home with my 8 month old during lockdown. Let's hope the lockdown eases before she starts walking!

The whole 5 minutes I do get to my self in the day while she sleeps, I’ve been asking myself, like many others, what is it I should be doing with all this ‘time’ I have now we’re in lockdown? Working out more, reading, learning a new skill, baking vegan cookies, leaning to crochet!? The thing about having more time, even the perception of it, is that it gets you anxious about using it all up because “time is a precocious commodity, which you can never get back” (which I do agree with, by the way). I think that it should be used for our betterment and not at the expense of our health and sanity, if we can help it.

5 things I’ve been doing to keep myself relatively sane in the last month.

1. Limited The Amount Of News I Watch

I seriously feel like I gain an extra half a day by not watching the news.

2. Savour Nature

I don’t have a garden, but live amongst lust green trees. The short time I do have out, I’m lapping it all up!

3. You Can Do Better Than House Clothes

In the last 3 days I’ve come to the realises that this may be our summer. Although I’m not gonna be dressed in my best only to be covered in banana and avocado, wearing my ‘house clothes’ for more than a few weeks, is a slippery slope. It might be psychological, but it makes me feel better and ready for the day, when I actually intentionally get ready.

4. Creative Outlet

This blog has literally been on my mind to do for about 7 years. Although I’ve written articles and contributed for other online and imprint magazines, having my own seems far more personal. With a baby in hand and in the mist of a global crisis, if there’s any time to be honest and personal is now.

5. Just Go With The Flow

Be grateful that I have my beautiful family, friends, food, water and health, stay at home and just go with it.

Stay strong people, there will be better days. If you can, see what littles gems the days that you have now can offer you.

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